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I’m not putting pronouns in my music. Why? There is much more to it than you think.

My name is James Rosa. I am an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who is preparing to debut soon.

I’ll begin by saying this: you should write your songs how you want. There is no purpose to songwriting if you aren’t letting your own experiences & feelings inform the music, regardless of whether the song is about your life or you’re building an immersive third-person universe (see folklore by Taylor Swift). Maybe pronouns play a big part in your songs. Maybe they make your songs feel real.

For me, refraining from pronoun usage plays a big part in my songs (I’m referring…

Warning: Buzzfeed-core

“…once you do that, you will not look upon others’ triumphs as reflections of your failures.”
  1. Your physical appearance comes second to your inner beauty, always. But some people attain confidence & self-love through their appearance. Don’t judge them.

This one speaks for itself. Vanity does not exist. We all struggle with accepting and loving the way we look. So when someone finally does, what right do we have to tell them they shouldn’t?

2. Come to terms with your privilege and embody gratitude.

If you’re reading this, you are likely privileged in some way. Acknowledging privilege does not undermine your struggles. Humble yourself and be grateful for the doors you are blessed with…


James Rosa is a musician based in the U.S. He enjoys writing as well as making music. Connect with him on Instagram: @imjamesrosa.

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